Friday, 23 May 2014

Marcus Carne 'East to West' Monday 31st March to Friday 25th April 2014

We are so happy to exhibit Marcus Carne's latest show East to West, it is a killer! East to West was the last show in our 2013/2014 summer program and one that encompassed the carefree yet passionate nature of artist Marcus Carne. It takes a keen and committed eye to find the unassuming beauty in urban detritus, then for the body of work to have a sense of cohesion is an especially challenging task. Marcus' installation succeeded in extracting the interesting from the mundane and created aesthetically strong relationships within the found. 
Thanks Marcus, it was a pleasure!

Artist Statement

East to West is a collection of sculptures and installations using found building materials that Marcus sees as the potential building blocks for something new and unintended. These blocks are bent, painted and composed not to hide their original states but to highlight their potential value to those willing to appreciate them.
In Marcus’s recent work he attempts to explore notions of industrial waste as both a personal means to relinquish control from his usual meticulous practice and in the broader sense re-contextualise discarded building materials to apply new meaning to found waste. 


Marcus Carne is a Melbourne based artist currently undertaking a degree in Fine Art at Melbourne University. Marcus has been studying in the Graphic Design and Arts industry for several years. He has consistently contributed to group and solo shows over the last 3 years, including exhibitions at Somewhere Gallery, BSG and the VCA Student Gallery. 

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