Monday, 19 August 2013

Bonnie Eichelberger "Our Space In Space" 22nd July - 17th August

We were so pleased to host the delightful Bonnie Eichelberger at RAS this month. Her subtle use of pencil, watercolour and ink has an integrity and honesty that lifts her work out of the crowded illustrative swamp. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Artist Statement

Our Space in Space is an exploration of our connection with the universe.
In her debut solo exhibition, Bonnie studies the idea of the spirit of the universe, and it's presence in all living beings.


Bonnie Eichelberger is a Melbourne-based illustrator who loves porridge. She has recently completed her studies in both illustration and graphic design. Bonnie uses illustration as a medium to reflect on the wonders of the universe. She is mostly inspired by surrealism, people and animal studies.

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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Tul Suwannakit and Michael Carolan "Displaced" 22nd June - 20th July

This is the second time Tul Suwannakit has exhibited at RAS and the first for text based installation artist Michael Carolan. I've never wanted half a rabbit more in my life (but which half?) Thanks for a great show chaps!

Artist Statement

"Displaced" explores and investigates the notion of alienation and dislocation by using language and nature that are removed from conventional formats and natural habitats.

The installation works are used to produce text-based imagery and staged narratives that function both as a communicative interpretation of, and metaphor for, habitual dislocation.
The artists also challenge and push the boundaries of each others' practice, resulting in a dynamic tension of oppositions between the body of work presented in this exhibition.


Tul Suwannakit’s works explore the presence of wild and domesticated animals within the urban environments with regards to habitat through taxidermy in site-specific installations. The animals represent the artist’s personal experience of migration, displacing in various parts of the world.  Through the combination of taxidermy, sculpture, video projections and photography, the artist creates a series of staged narratives that explores ideas of dislocation and alienation, isolation and adaptation, and the relationship between reality and fiction.

Michael Carolan is a Melbourne-based visual artist making installation and site-specific works that incorporate and blend digital, video, 3D, sound and text-based media. Using this interdisciplinary approach his works aim to investigate issues surrounding the conventions that govern hierarchies, systems, structures and the use of language.

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