Saturday, 8 December 2012

Richard Denny "The Music of Chance" 8th November - 9th December 2012

It's a nice feeling to have an artist want to strut their stuff for the second time at Rooftop Art Space. You might remember Richard Denny from his show "The Shipping Forecast" in December 2011. His new show "The Music Of Chance" offers a delightful narrative, with Richard's quirky characters rising up before his favourite backdrop of map-riddled romantic chaos. Welcome back Richard!




Choice versus chance. Sound versus silence. Considered versus carefree. Using an already created map, versus making your own map.

In this series, “The Music of Chance”, Richard Denny’s absurdist characters are allowed to roam free after a winter of discontent.
The Music of Chance is also a Paul Auster novel from 1990.

Richard Denny is a British born artist who currently works from his Melbourne studio . This is his 13th solo show in the ongoing series “Is the map the territory”.

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Anna Parry "LOOK AT ME!" 11th October - 7th November

After a small schedule change due to bad weather, we opened Anna Parry's show 
"LOOK AT ME!" on Monday the 15th of October. There was a large turnout at Rooftop Bar with the weather providing the perfect atmosphere to admire the fine artwork. 

Anna's intricately detailed paper-cuts of body-builders laid over varied marine organisms bring great beauty, innovation and humour to our little boxes. For this show Anna coloured large sheets of rigid paper with fluorescent paint, then, using a scalpel painstakingly formed her images all the while keeping the resulting line thickness equal throughout the piece. We are so thrilled to show Anna's work and can't wait to do it again!


Without always planning it, my work tends to revolve around what it is to be human and the relationship between nature and what we think of as culture. This body of work explores similarities between muscle men and marine organisms in regards to how form relates to function; basically it is a study of the urge to reproduce and the glorious excess that that can inspire.

I find that strange and funny things often have a sneakily beautiful quality to them: aesthetically I find inspiration in outsider art, african sign culture, visual instructions, indigenous sculpture and mexican papel picado. My own papercuts are based on small observational line drawings in ink or fineliner that I enlarge using cheap lo-fi materials like overhead projectors and kids paint.


Born in Sweden, Anna now lives and works in Melbourne.
Anna's papercuts have been exhibited in various galleries around Melbourne and used in collaborations for shadow puppetry and set design for Lior, Sydney Theatre Company, The Spiegeltent and the Sydney Opera House; her work has also featured in numerous short films, video clips and advertisements. 

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Yuna Chun "60%" 13th September - 10th October

The weather is finally changing and like the rainbow after that biblical flood Yuna Chun's new exhibition tell's us it's all going to be ok. 

With a mix of works on paper, ceramics and intricately detailed geometric paintings on wood and acrylic surfaces, Yuna's "60%" is a collection throbbing with colour. Her work is like a Long Island iced tea, there's a lot in it, it's very sweet and it's sure to make you smile. Come up and enjoy the work now that Rooftop is a little more festive.  


Lines connecting dots, small things to bigger things and colour to colour. What is this? This is a collection of work informed by my observations of the sky and bits and pieces of nature, with just a pinch of obsessive hand painting. To put it simply, 60% is a visualisation of my personal experiences and interests. Look close to find little brush marks or paint applied out of the lines, this is where you'll find me in the work.


Yuna Chun was born in Seoul, South Korea and now lives and works in Melbourne. She has recently completed her study of Fine Art at RMIT and is now serving tea in the day and painting at night. Yuna likes colourful things and she is truly happy when she's painting in colour.