Friday, 4 April 2014

Beka Hannah "Impact" 3rd March - 28th March 2014

It was lovely to have Beka Hannah showing for the second time at Rooftop Art Space. You may remember her last show back in January 2012 and she has yet again created a strong body of work that utilises the unconventional nature of our space. Beka's use of kitchy, playful materials and construction is the perfect contrast to highlight the serious nature of her concerns. Thanks again Beka, another great show!

Artist Statement

Concerned by the state of the environment Beka Hannah is using Impact to highlight issues surrounding humans interaction with nature.
Whether it be climate change or a shark cull, it seems humans are having a negative effect on the world around us and not enough is being done to turn this around, Impact aims to use kitsch and cute iconography to explore a often grim problem.


Beka Hannah is an  multi –disciplinary artist  with a craft based practice, living and working in Melbourne.  Obsessed and inspired by the natural world around her   Beka is often to be found fossicking for interesting feathers, bones or fossils and when she is not creating based on these she is to be found playing with her every growing horde of rabbits. 


Check out more of Beka's work at

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