Saturday, 24 May 2014

"Obsessed" A Group Show - guest curated by Bonnie Eichelberger 28th April - 30th May 2014

We thought we would change things up this month and invite guest curator (and past exhibitor) Bonnie Eichelberger to put together a group exhibition of her design/illustrator pals. 

Melbourne is obsessed with illustration and design, so the show is aptly titled. Each of the 13 artists were tasked to express their personal idea of obsession. The Risographs were very popular on opening night and sold like two-toned hot cakes. Well done to all the artists and to Bonnie for putting it all together.  

Emma Wiesenekker - 'I forgot my mantra' 
Annita Maslov - 'Bilateral Symmetry' 
Adam Flannery - 'Dumb shirts'
Amelia Leuzzi - 'Serenity now, Insanity Later'
Bonnie Eichelberger - 'Tiny Giants'
Julian De Bono - 'Wandering Star'
Nina Elliot - 'The trouble with physics'
Merren Spink - 'Reflections multiply our shadows'
Rachel Wilson - 'The leaky jar'
Libby De Souza - 'The Big One'
Evie Cahir - 'SkyLine'
Fiona Waters - 'Untitled, number two'
Cecilia Farley - 'Love Potion'

Exhibition Statement

Obsessed explores the concept of human obsession. 
It's not always obvious and most of the time it is very subtle, but everyone has an obsession or at least has had one at some point in their lives. The show will feature the work of 13 artists from varied creative disciplines, who through the form of Risograph printing have come to share their obsessions with you.


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