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James Little "If I Had A Heart" 14th October - 9th November 2013

For those of you who are familiar with James' work you will notice that this body of work is a little different. James decided to experiment with colour and also test a slightly new direction for his work in this show. That's what this space can be ideal for, exploring new ground in your work and to gauge the reading and reception of can step outside the box, so to speak. Nice work James!

Artist Statement

Formed around altering an obsession, If I had a heart is an exhibition of portraiture, reflections and semiotics. 

A series of sibling drawings that uses repeated imagery to create a dialogue  between each of the artworks. The inherent visual symbolism and metaphor throughout the series and how they correlate to each other serves as self-portraiture, but being of such that the viewer may illicit their own response to the imagery and their relationships. 

The creation of the series was in an effort to alter an obsession of procedure, and of personal dwelling. 
The obsession of procedure related to not having a pre-conceived outcome for the artworks, but rather awaiting for a happening or event of relevance to occur, of which a relevant symbolism was then researched and chosen and then drawn within the image. 
The obsession of personal dwelling focused the process of creating the artwork as a means of cathartic saturation into the relevant events. By continually being reminded and forcing reflection upon the happenings through the lengthy processes of having to physically draw the imagery, a catharsis towards the event was gradually realised.


James Little was born in Melbourne. He completed his BFA at RMIT in 2011.

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