Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sian Parany "Crust" 16th September - 12th October 2013

We felt that Sian Parany's show Crust was the perfect way to welcome in spring. 
Sian's pastel coloured plaster sculptures are designed to fade over time and with that comes a quiet and delicate movement and an evolving artwork. Sian has devised her own methods of producing her work through experimentation but there is an element of chance that makes viewing her art quite a visceral and immensely enjoyable experience. It was a joy to host this exhibition in our space and we look forward to seeing what Miss Parany does next!


Artist Statement

Time rings in wood and sandstone, amber and fossilised bones. Time plays out, is recorded and reinterpreted in numerous ways; the relationship between our environment and time is intrinsic, evident in everything. Crust seeks to capture and recontextualise time, active yet frozen; objects of  liquid time, played out in colour and form, solidified for now.


Sian Parany is a Melbourne based artist who completed her bachelor of fine art at RMIT . She is a multi disciplinary artist who enjoys the exploration of colour and form and in particular the relationship between painting and sculpture. 

To see more of Sian's work please visit 

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