Friday, 17 January 2014

Melissa Wilson "Cut, Removed + Exposed" 11th November - 7th December 2013

Melissa Wilson creates abstract sculptures that are both visceral and aesthetically pleasing. Her subdued colours and fluid forms create a feeling of familiarity as well as a mild disconcertion, as if you are looking at a very pretty representation of your own organs. The sculptures themselves are quite complex, fabric is sculpted, sewn and manipulated around fine skeletal structures. It was a pleasure to host Melissa's show at RAS!

Artist Statement

This body of work includes fabric abstract sculptures. Mapping time and growth has been an important theme in my work. Organic forms in nature influence these sculptures made with various opaque and translucent fabrics, which investigate branching out and regenerating new growth. 


Melissa Wilson is currently studying her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) at The Victorian College of Art, Melbourne 2012-2014

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