Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Kate Gagliardi "Ok Gag." 26th April - 23rd May

It's finally Winter and the Rooftop takes on an entirely different character. No more do the gorilla chested suits and the sad pin-eyed girls leave their slug trails over what is Melbourne's most lovely roof. It now reverts to it's rosy cheeked, against all odds "We're the only people in Melbourne that don't care that we're on a roof in the middle of Winter" attitude. With a cup of hot cider in hand we launched Kate Gagliardi's show "Ok Gag.". With her intricate drawings, involving countless hours of shading work and a wonderful thematic contrast between gothic skulls, bones and traditionally feminine colours, the viewer is taken into the precise and stylistic world of the artist. Kate's works consist of a combination of pencil, gouache and crayon. The piece titled "Excuse Me" has the most fastidious use of scalpel work we've ever seen in our boxes, quite beautiful. 

Thanks Kate for a great show!

"Ok Gag."

Inspired by the human figure, Kate Gagliardi's mixed media works and street art offer a dynamic modern twist to figuration. She transports her stylised subjects into a realm of the imagination where she captures intimate gazes in visual snapshots.


Originating from Adelaide and now based in Melbourne, Gagliardi has exhibited interstate and internationally. She has illustrated for Collect Magazine, Champfest Magazine and has been featured in the Semi Permanent publications.

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