Sunday, 8 July 2012

Evie Cahir "Soft And Raw" 13th June - 11th July

Yes, Melbourne is freezing. But good art, friends.. ...can always warm you. 

RAS' latest show "Soft And Raw" by Evie Cahir is a delicate collection of illustrations in graphite and watercolour. The insane detail of her rendering is a wonderful contrast to the casual nature of her subjects. There is romance and a reminiscence in Evie's work, the latter seeming to come from someone far beyond her years. We loved having you at Rooftop Evie, thanks a bunch!  

"Soft And Raw"

Meticulously rendered, delicate drawings of objects and figures are paired with ambiguous negative space which together present a study of space and crowds in Evie Cahir's exhibition Soft and Raw , which is basically a collection of recollections. Fleeting moments are studied and pared down to convey the essence of a gathering or moment, such moments include long train trips, waiting in queues or tram journeys. These are then translated into simple graphite and watercolor studies. The result are detailed and characteristically minimal studies which simultaneously isolate and monumentalise narrative instances witnessed by Evie.


Evie Cahir is an illustrator living in Collingwood, Melbourne. Equal portions of her time are devoted to
drawing hair, picking up receipts, downing coffee and sketching people on trams. In fact, she has probably drawn you and your hair on a tram at some point. 

You can see more of Evie's work on her Tumblr page. Go there:

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