Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Seven Seas "Nah Don't" 5th April - 25th April

What a night for an opening... ..the Thursday before the Easter long weekend. 
The thirsty, filled to capacity crowd at the Rooftop Bar didn't make it easy to see the AMAZING work by The Seven Seas on Thursday night, but those who did turn their heads - whilst waiting in the queue for the bar - were gifted with a surreal world of witty, illustrations and sculptural pieces. The Seven Seas is a Melbourne based artist working in many forms. The work in this exhibition is often humorous but also provokes a certain sadness and longing.  

We had a great time installing The Seven Seas and look forward to looking everywhere (paper, walls, boxes, buildings) for his work in the future.

"Nah Don't"

I have been working on this series in different stages over the past year or so. Looking back at it I have drifted over quite a few mediums. I was very heavily into sculpting hybrid animals for a few months and recently I have come back towards working with illustration. I hope to continue working with both mediums and find a way to combine the two.


The Seven Seas is a multi disciplinary artist working with sculpture, illustration, installation and rap drawings. He spends the majority of his time cultivating his facial hair while watching cartoons and dreaming about expeditions through forests in far away lands in search of unknown creatures.

See more of The Seven Seas' work at www.thesevensees.tumblr.com

Online store at www.etsy.com/shop/thesevensees

Also, visit the amazing youneverwriteback.com where artists are interviewed without words.

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