Sunday, 7 July 2013

si-d "The Grotto" 27th May - 22nd June

The eye sees all, all hail the eye. 

The end of May saw the opening of the wonderful si-d's show. His earthy tones and warm finishes are truly something from an original perspective. As crude as it is to relate art to drug use, one get's the feeling that this work would not be out of place in some Peyote induced spirit-quest in some wild North-American landscape. Thank's si-d!!!

Artist Statement

A collection of work about shelter and reviewing comfort.


Simon Dransfield draws stories, and probably will for as long as he lasts. He doesn’t like liquorice or anything with too much ginger, and mainly thinks about the universe and life and death. He got a piece of paper from a university, but who really gives a....

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