Friday, 21 June 2013

The Birds ARI "Mating Call" 29th April - 26th May

Eggs anyone? Perhaps a little Birdformance Art? On Monday the 29th we hosted The Birds ARI at RAS. What a fine collective they are indeed. Not only did the viewer get to enjoy the wonderful images  of The Birds ARI in their natural habitat, they also got a live and in the flesh meet and tweet with the creatures themselves. Lucky punks. Thanks Birds!  


The Birds ARI is Ria Green, Claire Robertson, Melissa Matveyeff and Lisa Frankland.  Four Melbourne based artist who met through the RMIT Master of Fine Art Program and who work across mediums including video, printmaking, performance, sculpture, installation, and photography. 

The Birds make experimental artwork in a collaborative environment. Members take it in turns to curate and produce an event or project, developing the conceptual framework and then letting the ARI develop the idea collectively.

Artist Statement

The concept for Mating Call developed out of an interest in the bizzare rituals associated with ‘making a first impression,’ the ‘pick up,’ ‘flirt,’ or ‘score’ in the context of a bar or club, and how artists often perform similar rituals at openings to make an impression on curators, directors or fellow artists.  In Mating Call the artists each take on a stereotype to perform for each other and compete for attention.

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