Friday, 26 April 2013

Fiona Barbetti "Exquisite Corpse" 4th March - 31st March

Fiona Barbetti's images of shadowy body parts clung to our boxes on Monday night. The LEDs in our boxes added a ghostly new dimension to her work. The x-ray style of her work combined with our humble plywood boxes conjured thoughts of the doctors office (that doctor that you like, that makes you feel comfortable, the one that's friends with your mum). Thank you Fiona!

Exquisite Corpse

My work explores the aesthetic of light and shade, darkness and light. I am interested in past experiences and creating new ones for the visitor when viewing my work. “Exquisite Corpse” is a reflection of our bodies and the experience we have with them, the body parts represented in this exhibition were selected based on my personal experience with each.


Fiona Barbetti is a Melbourne based artist who works across painting, photography and installation.  Fiona has a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Graduate Diploma of Art Education. She has exhibited work around Melbourne and has also been involved in exhibitions in Italy and Norway.

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