Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ro Noonan "Pretty, Ordinary Constructions" 4th February - 3rd March

The night of the 4th saw the extremely well attended opening of Ro Noonan's wonderful new show. Truly original and beautiful works using timber, acrylic and various plastics were installed to great effect in our boxes. The subtlety and modesty in Ro's work comforts the viewer. In using familiar materials in unconventional ways there is a melding of history and the inevitable future all at once.

Pretty, Ordinary Constructions

Embracing my contently average carpentry ability, instability is probably inevitable but the materials influence the structures they become. These pretty, ordinary constructions negotiate the strength in wood, the instability of plastic and nurture of colour, in the process of finding balance or imbalance.


I grew up kind of a country boy, big family, bush, but no cows. Cherished it but wasn’t great at that. I'm now currently living, working and studying in Melbourne.  

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