Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Seam "ToGetHer" 20th February - 11th March

"The Seam" consists of four very talented young women creating together in considerate harmony. They are Liz Francis, Alicia Stafford, Nikita Burt and Mardi Thorpe. They're work is ever changing, positively feminine and above all visceral in it's impact. In this show, stories and memories are displayed in wildly technical forms using different fabrics, bark, found objects, gloves, lamp shades, twine and wire. The response has been wonderful to this show and we thank "The Seam" for their wonderful work and we hold our smiles wide with excitement for their next one. 


Together is an exploration of lost worlds. It is a searching, a purposeful following of both fragile and resilient threads, a traversing through woven patterns of the hidden and the exposed.

The Installation recalls traditional ways of working and feminine ways of knowing. It embraces experiential processes of recreation and renewal, borrowing resonant objects of yesterday, and allowing new forms, textures, and relationships with both the synthetic and the natural alike.

The work of a unique collaborative art practice, Together reforms worlds of glass, rust, polyester and wire in a melding of shared stories, experiences and a steady searching of the natural world.


The Seam is a Melbourne based collaboration, creating participative and site-specific installations. We draw on our multidisciplinary practice to engage with others and explore everyday phenomena. We stitch, connect, notice, nap, gather, salvage, and re-imagine together.

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