Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lucy James "Janice Darling" 12th March - 4th April

Ever heard of Janice Darling? You have now baby (said like a hooker in "Shaft").
Lucy James has introduced us to this beautiful Amazon with help from her number 11 scalpel, a Jane Fonda work-out session and a whole lot of colour. The wit and technical skill displayed in the work on Monday night, filled everyone with joy and giggles. We had such an enormously great time installing/opening Lucy's wonderful show, we hope to help with many more.

"Janice Darling"

Festooned in a black unitard and an eye patch, Janice Darling was discovered in a Jane Fonda Workout book. Six months before the images were shot for the book, Janice was hit by a car and thrown through a shop window. She lost her left eye, crushed her pelvis and broke both her legs. She maintained that she survived due to her smokingly fit bod. In this collection of collage, painting and artifacts, Janice has been immortalised through rainbows, flowers and bright swirly colours. This woman is obviously invincible, inspiring unfit women of the 80s to get off their arses and work it, Jane Fonda style. 


Armed with a medical scalpel and a keen eye, Lucy harvests images from discarded and forgotten books and melds them into carefully composed hybrids of form and meaning. Often floating on a sea of empty white, her works evoke a sense of fantasy emerging from the vast expanse of our collective imagination. Animals, plants and humans morph into and out of each other. Masses of collected and catalogued natural species burst and explode, and laser beams shoot rainbows out of the dead eyes of history. Touching on issues of inherited folklore, the commodification of pets and the exploitation of natural resources, Lucy's work appears playful and visually dynamic, while allowing for deeper interpretative meaning.

Lucy has studied Visual Arts, Fashion and Textiles and most recently completed her Honours degree in Fine Art in 2009. Since then, she has exhibited nationally and internationally, and at times dips her toes into the land of illustration and design. 

She wields her number 11 blade from a sometimes-sunny studio in the central highlands of Victoria, where she lives.

For more of Lucy James' work and other information go to her blog

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