Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Nick Ryrie "The Purpose Of This" 7th January - 3rd February

Nick Ryrie's wonderful show opened to one of the largest crowds we've had at RAS. 
Apart from being extremely aesthetically pleasing Nick's work bends the brain somewhat. 
Looking at his work, you would assume there is a computer involved (in the planning process at least!) but that computer is Nick's mind. All his work is hand painted using acrylic. 
We are huge fans of Nick's work and can't wait to see more! 

"The Purpose Of This"

Clarity distorted by the past and forthcoming, swing in and out of focus. 
Obsessed with memories of previous experience, impose strict discipline. 
We are a reflection of time. 
Nothing else but pleasure, deep seeded fear. Continual growth, the search continues.


Nick Ryrie lives and works in Melbourne.

You can find more of Nick's work at

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