Saturday, 8 December 2012

Richard Denny "The Music of Chance" 8th November - 9th December 2012

It's a nice feeling to have an artist want to strut their stuff for the second time at Rooftop Art Space. You might remember Richard Denny from his show "The Shipping Forecast" in December 2011. His new show "The Music Of Chance" offers a delightful narrative, with Richard's quirky characters rising up before his favourite backdrop of map-riddled romantic chaos. Welcome back Richard!




Choice versus chance. Sound versus silence. Considered versus carefree. Using an already created map, versus making your own map.

In this series, “The Music of Chance”, Richard Denny’s absurdist characters are allowed to roam free after a winter of discontent.
The Music of Chance is also a Paul Auster novel from 1990.

Richard Denny is a British born artist who currently works from his Melbourne studio . This is his 13th solo show in the ongoing series “Is the map the territory”.

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