Monday, 16 January 2012

Beka Hannah "Forgotten Fungi" 9th January - 29th January

On Monday the 9th of January we opened Beka Hannah's magical show "Forgotten Fungi". 
The completely coincidental news reports of two deaths via Death Cap mushroom poisoning added a surprise topicality to Beka's show (the mushrooms pictured below are loosely modeled on Death Caps). Morbidity aside, Beka's show allowed us to enter her wonderful fungus filled imagination. 
Her delicately sculpted, stitched and crocheted fungi wowed the packed rooftop crowd. We look forward to seeing more!

"Forgotten Fungi"

Inspired by fungal forms and how they inhabit space, Beka’s work revolves around the re-imagination of the everyday. Through a craft based practice incorporating clay, found objects and textiles, Beka examines the inherent beauty in fungal forms through small representational objects. 

Most species of Fungus are bioindicators or “indicator species” and thus Fungus plays an important role as an agent of decay in the ecosystem. Despite this fungus is often ignored, through her work Beka aims to recast fungus from something that is often overlooked into something that can be seen as appealing and attractive.


As multi disciplinary artist Beka Hannah has a diverse practice incorporating everything from textiles and crochet to metalwork, this allows Beka the versatility required to explore her own wonder at the natural world.
After moving to Melbourne six years ago Beka has been frantically studying Fine Art at RMIT University, and exhibiting widely around Melbourne. 
Having recently graduated from the Masters of Fine Art programme Beka is looking forward to spending more time in the studio out the back of her house with her tools, stereo and pet rabbit. 

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