Monday, 7 November 2011

Tul Suwannakit "Jerry Lives Here"

Tul Suwannakit’s installation works depict the presence of animals within urban environments.  He utilizes the use of taxidermy with everyday materials and other media such as video projection and photography to recreate allegorical scenes of animal vulnerability and displacement.  The staged narratives explore ideas of dislocation and alienation, isolation and adaptation, and the relationship between reality and fiction that act as an empathetic point of connection in relation to the co-existence of animals and humans.

Tul Suwannakit installing.


“ My body of works deal with the adaptive and opportunistic nature of mice within human domestic environments, where everyday materials are transformed into places of comfort that result in unexpected surprise and humor. Through the interchangeable play between reality and fantasy, I examine how the viewer interacts with the presence of “the mouse” that can be seen as fascinating and morbid creature, which essentially evokes us to think about the sentimental value of life, the need for shelter, mutual tolerance and acceptance.  The staging and placement of the taxidermied mice with various objects also explore timing of the viewing experience and emotive quality of the narrative scenes.”

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